Normally, the service of a technician after business hours is a very expensive service. We are aware that accidentally locking yourself out of your house or car can happen at any time to anyone. This is why When you have a lock-out it’s very easy to panic and think about breaking windows to liberate your keys, but this is oftentimes a costly experience that will not be covered by your insurance policies. Having the number of a reliable locksmith prepared to assist you no matter what the hour is a necessity. Rather than waiting for it to happen to you, do a bit of calling and speak to people and ask them about their experiences with local locksmiths in the our service areas

I AM Locksmith 24 hour services include the following:

  • Lock-Out From Business, Home Or Vehicle
  • Transponder Keys Programmed
  • Broken Key Extractions
  • Re-Keying Of Locks After A Break-In
  • Faulty Alarm Repairs
  • Remote Control Gates And Garage Door Repairs
  • Repairs To All Types Of Locks
  • Replacement Of Broken Locks
  • Cutting Of Duplicate Keys
  • Securing Your Home Or Business After A Robbery
  • Installation And Reprograming Of Safes
  • Chip Keys Replaced And Reprogram Peepholes And Emergency Panic Buttons And Bars Installed

Please keep our number saved on your mobile phone or tucked away in your wallet or purse so that you can be prepared for any eventuality as this takes the panic factor out of an emergency and will make dealing with an unpleasant situation that little bit easier.

After-hour technicians available as a service to the customer

It is as simple as making a call and waiting less than 15 minutes to have an expert locksmith at your door to assist. Call-outs are expensive enough without added surcharges for after-hours billing and added hidden costs. A technician from I AM Locksmith will not only carry identification but will also make sure that you are safe and secure before leaving the job site. There is a great emphasis placed on customer satisfaction and careful workmanship. If needed, an appointment can be scheduled for a time that is convenient to you to assess your levels of security after a break-in. Oftentimes we think we are safe until we look at a situation through the eyes of a professional. Please give us a call when you need a good locksmith in a hurry.


All emergencies are dealt with very quickly. Our locksmiths are in constant contact with our dispatcher to ensure that the nearest locksmith in a mobile van will be at your problem area as quick a possible People often read and hear about emergency situations where a friend or neighbor or relative has locked themselves out of their car. What many people don’t realize is this happens on a regular basis and a locksmith are fully prepared for these emergencies on a 24/7 basis. The unfortunate things is these emergencies leave people in a very vulnerable position, and if they don’t have the phone number of a reputable locksmith company that they can trust, then they have to start looking for one in a hurry. That’s not a good place to be in. Emergencies means that your time is limited as in many cases when these things happen you are in a hurry to get to work, a meeting or appointment, your child is waiting to be picked up from school or any other similar scenarios. Make sure you have San Diego Locksmith in California safely saved on your mobile, your wallet, purse or other safe place where you can get hold of it quickly. Expect a fast response time.