Professional and reliable Locksmiths

Every locksmith that applies for a position at I Am Locksmith, has to go through a screening process to ensure they fit the standard. The applicants qualifications are taken into account, they have to demonstrate excellent problem solving skills and capability to deal with all areas of locksmith services; Residential, Commercial and Vehicle sectors.

Our technicians4

Our locksmiths at I Am Locksmith must be competent in all aspects of dealing with locks and security systems. Every locksmith also has to go through an extensive background check to ensure they are honest, reliable, and do not have a criminal record. This is important since locksmiths are in the business of securing people’s homes and assets.

Competitive Pricing With High Quality Products

What many people find extremely valuable is the quality of our products and our competitive pricing. In many cases the prices of our locks are not only comparable but also beat the prices of large chain stores. In addition our clients receive invaluable advice on how to secure their homes properly. Our trained locksmiths can spot vulnerable areas in a home or a business environment, as these vulnerable areas are what burglars look for, and advice as well as perform the necessary security upgrades. Our honesty, reliability and ability to carry out the job is well known and our reputation can speak for itself.