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I AM Locksmith Hiring process

All locksmiths that work for I Am Locksmith are expected to be trained and qualified with a number of years of experience in the locksmith industry. Their hiring process includes a background check, and review of references from customers and previous employers who they have worked for. Once we move forward with hiring a new technician, their licensing, bonding, and insurance is ensured. All technicians are also expected to continue with their training in the different locking mechanism and security systems, thus the locksmith are expected to attend workshops and training on the newer locks and security measures.

keep up with evolving lock & key technology

Training for a locksmith never ends, this is an ongoing process, because good locksmiths need to be well ahead of the curve when it comes to security to ensure the safety of our clients. I Am Locksmith does not hire locksmiths based solely on their reputation. Our locksmiths are handpicked based on their capabilities to look after the needs of our clients and their ability to ensure that the clients’ homes, businesses and vehicles are safe.

Our technicians5

ALL OUR Locksmiths ARE Certified and insured

I AM Locksmith is licensed by the State of CA, fully Bonded, Certified, and Insured. Our specialties are in the areas of Commercial and Residential Locksmithing. Our growing list of loyal customers particularly value our friendly, prompt and reliable service at very competitive prices.